Journey Info

Clothing and Launderette

  • A bathrobe and a hat will be provided at the Lotus Villa.
  • We do not have any special dress code at Lotus Villa.
  • Better to pack your luggage with followings
  • More undergarments (oils and herbal extractions might discolor the undergarments or stain during your treatments)
  • Few shorts and t-shirts (for walks and excursions)
  • A pullover (if you wish to go on a round trip to Central hills of Sri Lanka)
  • A tie and a long pair of trouser ( if you wish to stay in a star hotel)
  • The provided bathrobes are washed daily at our launderette.
  • Laundry facility can be obtained at a lower fare. ( Please put your used clothes in to the “Laundry bag”)

Facilities at Lotus Villa

  • Library: with a collection of more than 1000 books. Before “Tsunami” disaster we had a collection of almost 12,000 books in our library. If you have any extra books, we accept them with a thankful heart.
  • Beauty salon: upon your request, an experienced lady will be available for your all beauty needs like haircuts, hair coloring, manicure, pedicure and etc.
  • Ayu- supermarket is a place to buy small stuff that you forgot to pack, some souvenirs, undergarments, toiletries and many more. If you wish to take some Sri Lankan spice, fruits and vegetables at your departure, please inform us three days prior. We will arrange it for you.
  • Safe facility: Safe has been installed in the office will keep your valuables and one key will be kept with you until your departure.
  • Click here for more.


  • Lotus Villa accepts any debit or credit cards to settle your bill at the departure.
  • A special invoice (no need to pay it) will be provided for your insurance application and for the tax files.
  • Money exchanging facility is also available here.


  • “Lankan Rupee” (LKR) is the Sri Lankan currency.
  • 5000 rupees note is the highest note available.
  • If you wish to exchange your money at the airport try to get lower rupees notes (1000, 500, 100 rupees etc.)
  • Keep in mind; 01 US$ is roughly equals to 160.00 rupees

Visa on Arrival

Colombo Airport will be provided Visa obtaining facility on arrival. Check-in to the Visa on Arrival counter with the supportive documents of Passport and return Air ticket.

Cost around US$ 40.00 per person

SIM card Services

Mobile SIM cards can be purchased from airport service counters or when You in Lotus Villa.

Tipping at Lotus Villa

If you are really satisfied with our service and willing to reward

  • our staff with a tip, you can reward them through the tip –box that we have kept in the restaurant. So our guests and patients shall not get the feeling of maybe not having given enough tip or less tip than others. The tip is to be distributed among all staff members excluding the managerial staff. Furthermore the tip box is not counted with the wages paid for the Lotus Villa staff members.

Location of Lotus Villa

  • Lotus Villa is situated in the Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Click here for Google map location.