Special Guests

Families with Children

Lotus Villa is enthusiastic to welcome families with kids. We are blessed to enjoy the playful world of cheerful kids. Our kind-hearted staff will assist and look after your kids during the treatments and even after that. Moreover, a special care of a nanny can be obtained for a fair rate at Lotus Villa. Peter Huber school, one of the CSR projects of Lotus Villa will be a place for your kids to interact with Sri Lankan kids.

The interconnecting rooms keeps the kids in close proximity while letting the parents relax in their own room. We will provide small beds, cots, and small chairs to make them comfortable. The kids’ menu can be customized with the parents under the supervision of doctors at Lotus Villa. They can swim in our pool under the supervision of the lifeguard. Generally, ayurvedic treatments only apply to the children above 12 years old unless they are ill and need treatments. Ayurveda believes that the healing process may be accelerated if the loved ones live closer to the particular patient.

Single Traveller

Majority of the guests visiting Lotus Villa are single travelers. Traveling alone to a different country may be challenging to some extent. Since you are thousands of miles far away from your own world, we will always welcome you to the Lotus Villa family with open arms. Our dining tables will be a gathering where you can make new friends and new connections. Always 8 or 10 people can sit together around a table and will create plenty of opportunities to make new connetions with new indivduals.

Wheelchair Users

Lotus Villa facilitates wheelchair users with accessible rooms and surroundings. Treatment rooms, restaurant, and office are also on the ground floor. Showers and toilets can be adjusted and our staff members are trained to deal with wheelchair users. Every room is equipped with an alarm bell and doors are wide enough for a wheelchair.