What Makes the Lotus-Villa Unique / Why We are No 1

Where We Have Been the First

We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda – Guests and did not mix with holiday makers even during off season. We were the first in Sri Lanka who exclusively applied Ayurveda principles.

What Makes Us No 1

Where We Have Been the First
  • We are practising Ayurveda for over 25 years and are the most experienced.
  • We do not offer one – off treatments.
  • After each treatment certain rest periods are prescribed – all treatments are not rapidly one behind the other packed together.
  • The laundry of the Ayurveda department is washed 3x, in order to be completely oil – free.
  • Very important for patients: Our office is open day and night.
  • All rooms are purpose built and designed to achieve maximum relaxation. Therefore, the rooms are without telephone, fridge or air conditioning.
  • Everywhere in the house we provide certified clean drinking water – even in the toilet.
  • All meals are prepared individually in quantity and ingredients.
  • For all treatments, especially for body massages, we prepare individual oil mixtures for each individual patient. We never use one oil for all.
  • Day and night there is an interpreter available.
  • Day and night there is at least one doctor on duty. This means that no doctor needs to be called from outside.
  • All staff members of our Lotus Villa receive regular training in their specific subject area and in Ayurveda.
  • Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation are offered and practised (up to 7 days a week).
  • Every guest who first arrives at Lotus Villa is given an introduction about the house and about Ayurveda.

For Wheelchair Users and Handicapped Guests

  • All drivers, masseurs, waiters and room boys are trained in dealing with handicapped patients and wheelchairs.
  • All doors are wide enough.
  • Every room and bathroom is equipped with alarm bells.
  • The alarm bells in the bath rooms reach down to the floor.
  • The showers are suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Showers and toilets are equipped with special chairs.
  • All rooms such as treatment rooms, the residential area, the restaurant and the office are wheelchair friendly (without steps). Ramps are provided for rooms and restaurant to avoid contact with animals
  • Safety handles in the bath rooms will be fixed at the arrival individually to suit individual requirements.
  • The Swimming pool can be reached by wheelchair and is equipped with safety handles.
  • The beach can almost be reached by wheelchair and there is a terrace for watching the sunset.

The Advantages

  • The size of Lotus Villa is ideally suited for individual attention. There are only 19 rooms altogether. This helps to make individual care possible. 
  • We do not have ready – made treatment programs for everyone. Treatment program is tailor-made for each individual person.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the rooms, restaurant, and treatment rooms. However, we have a specially designed smoking area.
  • All treatment rooms are suitable for people with walking disabilities.
  • In the treatment rooms there is no background music. According to Ayurveda the focus should be given to one thing only and not two.
  • Every guest has his own personal food selected by our doctors. Therefore, we do not have a Buffet.
  • We only serve temperate drinks.
  • Every medicine is produced by ourselves and selected individually.
  • Especially the medicine for bowel cleansing is selected individually by our doctors.
  • We use only natural products which we have grown ourselves for producing medicine. No western product is mixed into our medicine.
  • We hold a special license for the production of medicine.
  • For guests and patients from Asian and Arabic countries: there are separate massage teams for women and men.
  • The translators at Lotus Villa are familiar with special medical terms.
  • All our doctors at Lotus Villa (including the external doctors) hold diplomas from reputed state universities and are registered with the ministry of Ayurveda.
  • We do not send home our staff during off – season but they take part in special training workshops.
  • All members of the Ayurveda – department are employed solely in their specialized field. We do not use them for other types of work like gardening etc.
  • Presentations and discussions on Ayurveda, ayurvedic medicine, treatment program, Yoga, nutrition etc are offered on a regular basis and set without a time limit.
  • Every guest who arrives first time at Lotus Villa is given an introduction about the house and Ayurveda.