Online Consultation

Dear Valued Client,

Hope you are keeping well under this world pandemic. Since closing of the country borders further, We have received considerable amount of requests from our valued clients to consult them online and get the recommendations in order to maintain and balance their body and Dosha types for a long and healthy life.

Concerning above requests, in the beginning We have planned to arrange online consultations with our valued repeater clients after studying previous records of them which is stored in our clients’ database. We believe that it will help to re-energize your mind, body, and soul out of this heavy restrictive isolated period. And also, we take great pleasure to provide the Chief Doctor’s prescriptions to you in a much more convenient manner.

If you are interested to fix an appointment with the Chief Doctor, kindly fill the below Appointment Form and there after we will send relevant information letters and procedure to book online consultations at your convenience.

Lotus Villa Specials

Now You can inquire on following specials.
Special Herbal Tea – Introducing very special Herbal Tea for strong immunity system with Lotus Villa secret ingredients. Now available for orders
Garlic/Bee Honey – On production process using highly fresh natural Garlic and natural Bee Honey extracted from specific locations in Sri Lanka.

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